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AutomationFactory.AI is a premier Digital Transformation company in the field of Data Engineering, Data Science, Big Data, Enterprise Cloud, Intelligent Process Automation and DevOps.
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Fast-Track Your Innovation & Transformation

Achieve Competitive Advantage With Intelligent Data Solutions, Built Using Cutting-Edge Technology.

Our core offerings are around Data Engineering and Data Analytics Solutions for Shipping and Cargo Industry, Chat Bots, Power Platforms, and Secure DevOps. Our solutions can help you accelerate decision-making and take giant leaps in your digital transformation journey.

  • Customer-First Approach
  • Factory Model
  • Data Analytics
  • Platform Agnostic
  • Microsoft Certification
  • Future-Proof Automation
IPA consulting
With the expertise of our Microsoft certified personnel, transform your legacy work process into the work process of the 21st century.
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We Strategise Keeping Your Employees' & Customers' Comfort In Mind

100% Successful Implementations With

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Digital Transformation is a race. Businesses find it difficult to keep up with the rapidly changing tech landscape. Traditional teams are finding it difficult to co-operate with digital teams.

True Digital Transformation Shouldn’t Be So Harsh

Come Let’s Show You What True Digital Transformation Means.

  • Collab With Your IT Team
  • Integration With Core Architecture
  • Security Is NOT An After-Thought
  • Stability, Scalability, Flexibility
data science consulting
Digital Transformation
We were worried about the time difference between our org and their office. But we're glad to say that they provided superb support.
Digital Transformation
AutomationFactory engaged with us thoroughly and did an awesome job of upgrading our technology.
Despite our limited technological assets, they made our company viable and competitive.
Automation Factory has done a nice job. We are very happy. We can see noticeable increase in the speed of our work process.
Thanks to AutomationFactory, we have been able to streamline our export business.

Small/Growing Business!

360 Degree Consultation To Plan & Implement A Digital Backbone That Will Serve Your Agile Organisation For Years To Come.

Enterprise Level Organization

A Thorough SWOT Analysis To Triangulate Your Organisation's Strengths & Weaknesses. Thereby, A Step By Step, Disruption-Free Digital Overhaul.

Human Centric Digital Transformation, Explore Our Plans

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