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Data Factory

Scalable orchestration of Data. Transform big data into insights.

  • Scalable orchestration of data.
  • Collect data from disparate sources.
  • Transform big data into actionable insights

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Analytics Factory

Gain Actionable Insights From Your Enterprise Data.

  • Single system to analyse data.
  • Ensure strict compliance.
  • Forecast demand and bottlenecks.

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IPA Factory

Offload all the boring repetitive tasks from your human personnel to the bots

  • Reduced cost. Maximised productivity.
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Automated data archiving. Easy compliance.

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DevOps Factory

Enable DevOps At Scale With A Standard Set of Underlying Technologies.

  • Different Teams. Same Tools & Tech.
  • Define Who Is Responsible For What.
  • Integrated Business Ecosystem.

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IDP Factory

Automated Document Processing & Tech Extraction System. Save Money. Increase Productivity!

  • Automatically capture textual data.
  • Preserve the exact formatting of data.
  • Cost effective solution that saves time.

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PowerAutomate Factory

Automate Business Processes With Intelligent Business Apps.

  • No Code/ Low Code  App Development.
  • Automate customer support
  • Synchronise files. Get automated notifications.

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AutomationFactory.Ai Has Been Recognised By Various Industry Experts For Its Innovative Approaches.

Smart work is better than hard work. That's the motto we follow. Our Factory Model approach of IT Services has received many accolades and awards.


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