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Demand Management

6 Ways Demand Management Leads To Supply Chain Efficiency

Demand and supply are intrinsically connected. It is but natural that the effective management of Demand will obviously have its positive effects on the Supply Chain Management.
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Which Model Defines How Data Is Written To A Blockchain?

Data is not stored in a traditional database on a Blockchain. Data in a blockchain can’t be tampered with. This is possible because of the append-only nature of the blockchain database. What this basically means…
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5 Components of Modern Supply Chain Management

The whole process must be viewed holistically for businesses to achieve the highest efficiency in their supply chain management efforts. There are five critical components of modern supply chain management.
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realtime analytics

Why Real-Time Data Is Important In Shipping And Logistics

Shipping companies can boost operations across the board by leveraging the power of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analysis. The big game-changer can be real-time freight analytics. It provides the vital…
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Azure Data Lake

Key Features of Azure Data Lake

Azure Data Lake is a data storage and analytics platform with highly scalable features. Find out how this service can help your organization manage your database better.
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The Role of AI in Smart Port Management

Thanks to smart ports, countries can now inexpensively import the goods they need from overseas markets and export the products that others need cost-effectively. It is an automated port that leverages data analytics to help…
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